Big Boi – Mama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland) Lyrics

Big Boi – Mama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland) Lyrics
22NovBig Boi – Mama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland) LyricsReplyBig Boi, Kelly RowlandNovember 22 2012Khairil Husni [Verse 1: Big Boi] As the world teeters unharmedTwan, calm amid the storm tsunami bombFlow called alarmBig Boi for dummies come and someUhh, wisdom, while renewal teethOr to fuck like toleratedYou bad chiNegative energy is not all about a dollar and are exoneratedFreefalling, Tom Petty heartbreakerLiving legend, rap scholar, art majorCause age artLike Beethoven, Mozart and Van Gogh or less of these pieces startAround kingdom cleanBlue supremeAnd Krispy Kreme stay jeans, JordansNumber 3, it is important [Hook: Kelly Rowland] Pay attention to how you play your cards (my mom told me) Be true to yourself and go away (That’s what my mother told me) Try not to break too many hearts (That’s what my mother told me) I always knew he would become a star (That’s what my mother told me) [Verse 2: Big Boi] Mama always said take your Timewell ‘m a pickpocket when rhymesEvery under construction just take it as Bob BrownIt so deep that when I throw the nounsWe gon’ come down lower until upEverything sauce, mashed potatoes upYou knows that maintaining a full plateAnd something full of hot , throw everything 38’sBut is straight, bleeding, has everything you can Shiti needMe, boy, I’m everything you can not seeLike three blind mice, looking for a big man to say that I cheeseAnd Cheddar treesSay a bit ‘bigger that serve me and my nigga GButt three tees, Jordan, number 5, it’s boring niggas [Hook] [Verse 3: Kelly Rowland] Why travel like a riddle rocket, I doMind each outlet to the influence youi edge lightningMagnetic , it can not slip float stopJust Dropi (shift I) Slide (Patiño) Backup “every mountaintopI’m Reachin ‘jumping RIDEI to the absolute maximum [Big Boi – Mama Told Me (feat. Kelly Rowland) Lyrics on http://mp3lyricsmania.] [Hook] Read more: Big Boi, bombFlow all, hook, Kelly Rowland, Mom, unharmedTwan