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So comienza23 Paulen November 2012 by the United States, today is a day of thanksgiving. Who is that what we are grateful always been clear to me. We all have different ideas about who is responsible for our destiny in this crazy blue marble, and, by definition, not everyone can be good. In my opinion, the act of sending all this random ether gratitude overlooks the fact that the universe is often twisted and brutal. Piecing together the gorge ourselves with our extended family in a sort of free for all culinary farce, there are, of course, simply distracts us from the clutches of death comes encima.A However, all the best to you and yours. Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+ Blog. Created by Daniel Treadwell.Puestos relacionadosStar Trek and BondadPublicado December 6 2012Creación of dogma to support your dogma.Publicado December 6 2012El problem AlegríaPublicado December 1 flujoPublicado with 2012Vaya November 30, 2012 EtiquetasGoogle + Share this