Time goes on … Photos of celebrities, then and now, Volume Three “Frugal Café Blog area

Time goes on … Photos of celebrities, then and now, Volume Three “Frugal Café Blog area
Posted by Vicky McClure Davidson on November 22 Memory Lane 2012Celebrity Thanksgiving – the third installment of FCBZ “Yesterday and Today” gallery of celebrities. Celebrity Photos Here Volume One, Volume Two is a joyous celebration aquí.Un raid “then and now” photos of celebrities … some probably sorprenderá.Actor Dennis Quaid … Lucy Liu and ahoraActriz then … and then ahoraRock music and Latin guitarist Carlos Santana … and then the actor Michael Emerson ahoraEl … and then the actress Sarah Michelle Geller ahoraLa … and then ahoraEl former quarterback Joe Namath football … and then ahoraActriz and journalist Janine Turner … ahoraEl then and journalist Anderson Cooper … ahoraCantautor then and Alicia Keys … then the actor George Takei and ahoraEl … Patti Smith ahoraRocker and then … Tony Bennett ahoraCantante and then … ahoraLa then and actress Sarah Jessica Parker … Kiefer Sutherland ahoraActor and then … then and actress Joan Van Ark ahoraLa … ahoraBéisbol then and Hall of Famer Willie Mays … then and actor Billy Mumy ahoraNiño … then and singer ahoraEl Season 1 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson … ahoraJuegos then decathlon winner and Olympic gold medalist and television personality Bruce Jenner, also the stepfather of the Kardashian brothers … ahoraLa then and Scarlett Johansson … and then ahoraNiño actor Macauley Culkin … and then ahoraPersonalidad television during the day, and the former speaker Regis Philbin … then and actress Pauley Perrette ahoraLa … then David Lee Roth and ahoraRocker … manufacturer and then ahoraRegistro and composer Quincy Jones … ahoraEl then actor and former Mickey Mouse Club child, the actor Ryan Gosling … ahoraActriz then and Glenn Close … and then ahoraActor, comedian, former national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Jerry Lewis … and then the actress Susan Dey ahoraLa … Sidney Portier ahoraActor and then … and then ahoraActor Mark Harmon … Grace Slick and ahoraRocker then … and then the actor James Caviezel ahoraEl … then and actress Lauren Bacall ahoraLa … Tony Danza and ahoraActor then … and then ahoraMúsico Folk and rock singer David Crosby … and then ahoraLa actress and singer Diahann Carroll … Bruce Willis and ahoraActor then … and then ahoraComediante, actress and talk show host Ellen Degeneres … and then ahoraCategorías: Beauty World, Entertainment, Funny Stuff – Free Laughs, the social climate and políticoTags: actor, actress, Alicia Keys, Anderson Cooper, baseball, Billy Mumy, Bruce Jenner, Bruce Willis, Carlos Santana, celebrity, celebrities, photos celebrities, photos of celebrities, comedians, comedy, David Lee Roth, Dennis Quaid, Diahann Carroll, Ellen Degeneres, George Takei, Glenn Close, Grace Slick, Hollywood, James Caviezel, Janine Turner, Jerry Lewis, Joan Van Ark, Kelly Clarkson, Kiefer Sutherland, Lauren Bacall, Lucy Liu, Macauley Culkin, Michael Emerson, cinema, music, Olympics, Patti Smith, Pauley Perrette, Quincy Jones, Regis Philbin, rock music, rock, Ryan Gosling, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johansson, Sidney Portier, singer, Susan Dey, television, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, then as now, Tony Bennett, Tony Danza, TV, Willie Mays